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Wow Nova; Great job!!

This is really good, I like it. Your Animations where cool, although the walking could be a bit smother. I am impressed great job Nova.

Some other things are when the little demon things become there original colors the eyes where over top everything so it looked kind of bad. But other than that this is a really good movie that you out allot of hard work into and it shows.

Jason "Danthi" Whalley

Cactusjuice responds:

Thanks,I noticed that problem as well,actually.....I didn't put alot of effort into this,it was meant to be better but I got bored and rushed things,thanks again!

It was good.

Ah yes David Draiman of Disturbed "Forsaken" off the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack (I love that move).

Well any way is was a good animation although it looked a lot like INA's style.
Also the first scene the guys arm looks weird, because it's backwards. Watch your perspective and anatomy.

Jason "Danthi" Whalley.

I love it

I love your "31 seconds with a preloaded" I also love this one all thought I am not sure which one I love more.
Your art is really well done and your animation and movements are very smooth.
It also doesn't hurt that its anime style lol.
Well any way I love to see more for your movies.


FLASHDADDY responds:

thank's for the review..

good to see that someone still appreciates the 31 seconds one, it was the firs loong movie i did. i should have the next episode fineshed soon, then i'll provably start something new, but similar.

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Great Game, Great Fun.

Wow I love this game. The controls are nice I love the fact that you can swing around the enemies and yourself. It kind of reminded me of a spider-man game. This would be a great engine for it, I think anyway. Although I found that there was to many levels, and to many consecutive levels to close together, but hey all the more practicing, I as well got the level after the one that said" this level is not yet completed" and I quit.

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Wow that a great game, the controls remind me of Cyber Swat, I believe that it is the name. I wish that I have to knowledge and ability to make a great game like this. I am not very experienced with Action script, so I only make movies.
Wonderful game, it looks like you rendered the angel in poser?

I must say that this game is very well done.

I am very impressed with this game, the controls where really responsive, cept when there was allot happening on the screen then they lagged a bit. The graphics are very Kirby. This game is a great one; I defiantly see why this won Daily Feature great job. This is a very fun game and I will defiantly be playing more of it.
Jason "Danthi" Whalley

I'm a hobbyist artist and animator from Canada. My tools of the trade are Toon Boom Studio 7.1, Photoshop Elements 14, OpenToonz 1.0 and a Wacom Intuos 3. I love 2D animation and stop motion animation.

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